How to manage multiple subscriptions at

After subscribing to various API Products at and playing around with them in the API Playground. You might be curious about where and how to manage them.

If you don’t know what are the different API Products ( Learn here ), and if you want to learn about API Playground ( Learn here ). makes it easy to manage the subscriptions by these easy steps below. Before managing the API you need to subscribe to at least one API.

Here’s how you can subscribe to SaaS API Product.

Managing Subscriptions to API Products :

After you subscribe to various different api’s on the your subscriptions will be shown on the left sidebar under the option “Subscriptions” It will look something like this when you are on

Here’s the link to the Subscriptions page: You need to be signed in to see your subscriptions page. The subscriptions page looks something like this.

Clicking on any of the Subscriptions you have will take you to that API and there you can upgrade or cancel Subscription.