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This community resource is for all users of Api.market . We welcome discussion of the API, our docs , and other closely related topics. We also welcome your site feedback.:pray:

The Api.market Community Forum is a place where you can learn, share, and collaborate. It’s a great way to see what others are working on, trade tips, hear about the latest product updates, and share feedback.


As of writing, the following forum categories exist:

  • :loudspeaker: Announcements - official updates related to the api.market
  • :man_technologist: API - discuss your experiences using the api.market Magicapi APIs, ask questions, and more.
  • :page_facing_up: Documentation - share the best api.market docs and give feedback on our documentation.
  • Community - connect with the community about cool projects and more!
  • Forum feedback - share feedback on how to make this forum better.
  • :heart: General - Create topics here that don’t fit into any other existing category.

When creating a new topic (by clicking β€œNew Topic” on the forum homepage , please select the most relevant category. This will keep the forum organized, and make it easier for other users to find your topic.