What are Hair Changer API params and where can we find it?

To find an information about how to use of specific API on api.market, you have to read documentation carefully. To find an answer to this question, you can browse here: Hair Changer API | API.Market

There are two main params that you have to consider to change the hair style: color_description and hairstyle_description

color_description would be - purple, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, gray, brown, black, white, blond, pink

hairstyle_description would be these:

afro hairstyle
bob cut hairstyle
bowl cut hairstyle
braid hairstyle
caesar cut hairstyle
chignon hairstyle
cornrows hairstyle
crew cut hairstyle
crown braid hairstyle
curtained hair hairstyle
dido flip hairstyle
dreadlocks hairstyle
extensions hairstyle
fade hairstyle
fauxhawk hairstyle
finger waves hairstyle
french braid hairstyle
frosted tips hairstyle
full crown hairstyle
harvard clip hairstyle
high and tight hairstyle
hime cut hairstyle
hi-top fade hairstyle
jewfro hairstyle
jheri curl hairstyle
liberty spikes hairstyle
marcel waves hairstyle
mohawk hairstyle
pageboy hairstyle
perm hairstyle
pixie cut hairstyle
psychobilly wedge hairstyle
quiff hairstyle
regular taper cut hairstyle
ringlets hairstyle
shingle bob hairstyle
short hair hairstyle
slicked-back hairstyle
spiky hair hairstyle
surfer hair hairstyle
taper cut hairstyle
the rachel hairstyle
undercut hairstyle
updo hairstyle